Do not take any blood thinning medications (aspirin, Excedrin, Plavix, ibuprofen, fish oil, Aleve, Vitamin E, etc.) for 5 days prior to and 3 days after injections. Take Arnica Montana (3 pills for 3 days prior to injections) to reduce inflammation and bruising.


During your treatment, the practitioner will inject the appropriate product into the specific areas that you indicate you would like treated. You should expect minor discomfort during the treatment. If you have received a filler treatment, you will likely see swelling at or near the injection site so you will need to wait until the swelling subsides before you will have an indication of the effectiveness of your treatment. You will not see results from your neurotoxin treatment for at least a few days as neurotoxins take anywhere from 4 to 10 days to fully activate. We recommend that you schedule a two-week follow up visit as touch ups are occasionally required to achieve optimal results. Any touch ups will be charged at the regular price.


Initially, you will have swelling and bruising at the area injected. You may also have small lumps in the areas where you had fillers injected. Other possible risks include asymmetry, vascular compromise, diplopia, tenderness, headache, granuloma (balling up of product), uneven distribution, allergic reaction, infection, erythema, eyelid ptosis.




  • Avoid excessive sun exposure, alcohol, or exercise for 48 hours after your procedure
  • If needed, take Arnica for 3 days after injections, Tylenol and/or an antihistamine
    (avoid aspirin products)
  • Avoid any facial treatment involving chemicals for at least one week after injections of
    any kind
  • Avoid laser treatments directly over the injected product for up to 30 days post treatment
  • Allow up to six weeks for any lumpiness in lips to subside after augmentation
  • Apply ice packs to help alleviate inflammation and swelling as needed
  • Do not massage treated area (only if directed by practitioner)
  • Schedule a two week follow up appointment to check for unevenness of treated area
    (all touch-ups are charged regular price)
  • Avoid tight headwear for up to four hours post neurotoxin treatments
  • Stay in upright position for at least 4 hours after procedure
  • If you received fillers be sure to sleep flat on your back with a neck support so you don’t
    lie on your side compromising the area treated
  • If you have an injection related emergency call Kristy at 801.592.2597

Kristy is amazing! So smart and talented at what she does. She always understands exactly what I tell her. She knows cutting edge techniques that make her stand out from the rest. Also, many people endure a lot of pain while getting fillers but not with Kristy! Since she’s a nurse anesthesiologist she is able to administer a pain block before having anything done. Very impressed 🙂 – Melissa S.


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